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Announce your Bridal shower with amazing invitations.   As you work to plan a wedding it is nice to have a chance to celebrate with the women that are important to you.  Plus, receiving gifts and playing games are all part of the fun when planning a wedding.   Bridal showers can be structured around a theme or motif but most important part of the bridal shower are the people. Whatever the overall goal of the shower, sending out quality invitations are the most important part, as it is the tool that will allow your guests to plan, respond, and attend your shower.

When planning bridal shower invitations have fun.  Bridal showers do not need to be as formal as wedding announcements and can have a much more playful design. You can always go the route where all your stationery matches from engagement announcement, to Save the Date, to Bridal Shower invitation, to Wedding invitation and thank you cards.  However, you can spice it up a little and be more creative with Bridal shower invitations especially if you have a unique theme for the bridal shower.

For example, if you are having a bridal shower that is geared toward kitchen wares, you could create an invitation that looks like a recipe card or if you are having a beach themed shower you could create invitations that look like little beach towels. You can either create your themed wedding shower invitation yourself or you might look into having someone create it for you. Some places, party stores and such, have bridal shower invitations that are preprinted and in many cases a decent option. You simply fill in the necessary information with a pen and send it in the mail. If you’d like to have something a bit classier and elegant, you can look into having the bridal shower invitations specially printed for your party. This typically is low cost for an amazing service. Plus, the head count for a bridal shower is typically much less than the wedding so spending a little more per card can definitely be budgeted for.

Most invitation professionals have a portfolio, templates, samples and many have online creation tools that allow you to see and feel the final product before it is made.

The invitation design is important, but the invitation wording is equally as important. The most important things on the invitation is the name of the bride, the date, location and time of your wedding shower. Moreover, do not forget to list your registry information and and the RSVP insert.  You may need to list the person that you have in charge of handling the RSVPs and their phone number. Listing a deadline to reply to an RSVP is common. Two weeks prior to the bridal shower should be ample time for this event.  But make sure you always give yourself give yourself enough time.

Send your bridal shower invitations out one to two months before the shower, and you will give the guests ample time to plan for, shop for, and show up to your bridal shower.


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