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Top 5 Wedding Invitation Tips


Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are integral part of your wedding planning and act as a perfect tool to let family and friends RSVP to your wedding.  Wedding invitations can work hand in hand with your plans as they typically give people the first glimpse of your wedding colors and theme. Plus, the invitation is a keepsake that will be placed in your family’s picture albums and scrapbooks.  That’s right, even though more and more grandmas are popping up on Facebook, trust us; the little ol’ ladies love wedding invitations. After all, if the purpose were to solely inform the guests of the details of the event, then you could just send an email or make a phone call.  PS, little ol’ grandmas love phone calls too.  Anyway…

Wedding invitations serve more than just an announcement of your love and future commitment together.  Since wedding invitations serve a function it is a great idea to be selective. Much like the wedding ceremony itself, wedding invitations must be crafted to announce your wedding date, the happiness that you have found together, and some basic expectations for the guests.  Good Wedding invitations should be informative and timely enough to allow your guests to schedule your wedding day into their plans,  RSVP, pick a meal selection, and inform your guests of expectations (no children, Black tie, themed wedding, destination travel).

Wedding Invitation Design

Since there are thousands of ready-made templates for wedding invitations to choose;  we recommend that you ask for samples and explore all the possibilities.  You can choose to select a design, send the details, and the printer can have it ready within weeks or you can handcraft your beautiful keepsakes to meet your design needs. With such a wide selection, it may be difficult to pick which one is best.

Pick Wedding Invitations that match your Personality and Wedding Formality 

Pick a design that meets your personality and formality of the wedding in order to complement the overall theme and mood of the wedding. Is your wedding formal or casual? A formal wedding may need classic script fonts, formal wording, and the traditional double envelope. A more casual invitation may use more modern fonts and natural wording. For instance, instead of “We cordially invite you…”  you could use  “Please join us…”

Figure out if you are going to Do it Yourself or Buy from a Professional

Planning a wedding can be more of a task than you have ever thought.  This is very important to remember if you are working on a limited timeline.  Though you may be super crafty or you have friends and relatives that are crafty, to get the supplies, equipment, and paper for your invitations can easily cost more than using a professional.  Not to mention, the time necessary to create 100’s of wedding invitations can become more than you had originally bargained for.  That being said, homemade DIY invitations can turn out amazing, be exactly what you want, and are a great option for those that want to take on this task.

Choose the Colors of your before Buying Wedding Invitations

It is a great idea to choose the color scheme of your wedding before selecting your wedding invitations.  Though choosing a color scheme is not easy, it is a major mountain to climb and will make planning many parts of your wedding easier.  Plus, all your wedding items will match.  How great is that!  If you are using a rather bright color for your motif, like purple, you may want to opt for a ribbon trim or color accents at the sides or corners of the invitation as opposed to applying a bold color to the whole wedding invitation.  Bold colors like purple can dominate and take away from the elegance of your invitation if not used in moderation.  However, I have seen almost all of the bold colors in the color wheel used elegantly, classy, and with a means that perfectly accent the event.

Adding A Photo to Your Wedding Invitations

People love pictures.  Especially ones that they can hold and easily share without booting up a computer or iPad.  Not saying Facebook sharing is bad, just saying that people like to receive meaningful snail mail from friends and family.  If it contains a picture all the better.  If you have had engagement photos taken this is the perfect chance to send a great photo in the invitation.  Plus, for family attending your wedding that have not met your soon to be significant other, it is a nice way to make an introduction.

Wedding Invitation Inserts

Most wedding invitations serve a purpose.  If you have not sent out engagement announcements or save the date, it is important to make the invitation as functional and informative as possible.  Obviously, announce the engagement if it has not been done so formally.  It is vital to have your wedding date, times and where the wedding ceremony and reception are to be held.  However, that is not all that needs accomplished with your wedding invitation.  You need feedback.  For instance, an RSVP on a postcard or with an included envelope is key.  The RSVP can ensure that you have accurate head counts of your guests plus it can inform your guests on how many seats that you have open for them at your event.   You can also include information about local hotels, maps of the church and reception hall, and services that you are providing to your guests.  If you are moving to a new home after the wedding, you can include another small insert announcing your new address in your wedding invitation.

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Top 5 Wedding Invitation Tips  

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